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Welcome to Nuclear Chess, a thrilling and challenging variant of classic chess. This version introduces innovative rules that add an ‘explosive’ dimension to the game, elevating strategy to a new level of excitement. When capturing, pieces not only eliminate their target but also ‘detonate’ adjacent pieces, forcing players to rethink each move.

Preserving the essence of chess, Nuclear Chess introduces simplifications like the omission of en passant and specific restrictions on castling. Pawn promotion is direct, and the concept of check is omitted, encouraging a more direct and confrontational game.

This variant is perfect for chess enthusiasts looking to inject action and excitement into their play. Each game becomes a strategic battleground where anticipation and audacity decide the victor. Prepare for an unprecedented chess experience with Nuclear Chess.

Credits and License:
Copyright: 2014 Ulf Bartel, Karl Bartel • Work Title: Nuclear Chess • Distributed under the License MITSource Code Link

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