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Gravitational Chess represents a fascinating evolution of classic chess. In this innovative version, the pieces are arranged vertically, completely altering the game’s dynamics. Each move triggers a ‘fall’ of the piece, reconfiguring the board and challenging players to adapt their strategies to the new environment.

This variant not only preserves the essence of traditional chess but also adds an additional component of strategy and planning. The verticality of the game forces players to think in three dimensions, opening a spectrum of tactical possibilities. Whether playing against artificial intelligence or in two-player mode, Gravitational Chess is ideal for both chess enthusiasts and veterans looking to explore new ways of playing.

The game includes accessible options in its header menu: ‘New Game’ to start a new game, ‘No AI’ to choose between playing alone, in pairs, or against the computer, ‘No Sound’ to activate or deactivate sound effects, and navigation arrows to undo moves or allow the computer to play.

❤ We thank Dagaz Project for this magnificent game ❤

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