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Ready for a chess challenge that tests your limits? Welcome to Garbochess, the chess game designed for players seeking high-caliber competition.

With Garbochess, you’ll face an advanced chess engine known for its challenging difficulty level. Enter the game and choose between white or black pieces; tailor your match with flexible difficulty options. If you ever make a mistake, the “Undo” feature is there to help you correct your moves. Moving your pieces is as simple as clicking or dragging them to the desired destination. Moreover, Garbochess provides valuable insights, including the current FEN notation of the game. Dive into a chess match that will challenge your strategy and skills to the fullest with Garbochess.

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Copyright (c) 2011 Gary Linscott • Work Title: Garbochess-JS • Distributed under the LicenseSource Code Link • Disclaimer and Warranty: there are no warranties for the software and the authors are not responsible for any problems related to its use.

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