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If you’re looking for a chess game to enjoy with a friend on the same computer, you’ve come to the right place. This Chess Game offers you an excellent experience to play chess matches between two people.

“Cacher les déplacements”: Hide moves • “Activer rotation grille”: Enable rotation • “Nouvelle Partie”: New Game • “Blanc”: White “Noir”: Black

In this game, you can enable the board rotation, which makes it easier for each player to play from the lower frontal position of the board, as in a traditional chess match. Additionally, this game allows you to activate a viewer for possible moves for each piece, which is particularly useful for beginner players. During the game, at the top of the play area, you will find an indication of the color of the team of pieces that are up to move at that moment.

This game is widely used in different schools and chess lessons due to its flexibility and advanced features. Join the community of players enjoying this exciting online chess game. Get ready to challenge your friend in a strategic match!

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