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Shogi, also referred to as Japanese Chess, is a captivating and popular board game. It’s a strategic contest played between two participants, each with 20 pieces on a 9×9 grid board.

Game Controls:

対局開始: Choose who starts, 先手で対局: You move first, 後手で対局: The Computer 待った: Undo, 投了: Resign, 音:Sound あり yes なし no

Shogi Pieces:

王 (ō) the King • 金 (kin) the Gold General • 銀 (gin) the Silver General • 馬 (uma) the Knight • 竜 (ryū) the Rook • 龍 (ryō) the Lance • 歩 (fu) the Pawn

Game Rules:

The aim is to capture the opponent’s King. Each player starts with 20 pieces: 1 King, 1 Gold General, 2 Silver Generals, 2 Knights, 2 Rooks, 2 Lances, and 9 Pawns. The starting player chooses to play as either white or black. Each moves one piece per turn. The pieces move similarly to traditional Chess, except the Lance and Knight have additional moves. Capturing an opponent’s piece allows it to be used as one of your own. The King cannot be moved into check. The game ends with checkmate or if the opponent’s King resigns.

A series of images about the game of Shogi:

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