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Chaturanga is not just a game; it’s a living piece of history acknowledged as the oldest precursor to chess, originating from 6th-century India. This strategic and challenging game allows you to test your skills against a computerized opponent or a human rival on the same screen.

Through Chaturanga, you can delve into the dawn of chess and its cultural evolution over the centuries. The game features unique movements for each piece, from the king to the pawn, requiring a different tactical approach than modern chess.


How the individual pieces move in Chaturanga:

In Chaturanga, each piece has a distinct role: the king advances one square at a time, while the queen, powerful and unbounded, moves without limit in all directions. The elephant, the precursor to the modern bishop, commands the diagonals with a distinctive move of two squares.


Images illustrating the movements of the pieces:

The Bishop - Chaturanga The Knight - Chaturanga The Pawn - Chaturanga The Queen - Chaturanga The King - Chaturanga The Rook - Chaturanga


A historic artwork showcasing Chaturanga in a courtly context in India:

Ladies in court life during a game of chess. Nevasi Lal. 1790/1800.
Ladies in court life during a game of chess. Nevasi Lal. 1790/1800.


Game header menu:

New Game to start a new game, no AI to play between two or with the computer, left arrow to undo moves, right arrow to make the computer move.

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