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Explore the depths of your mind with the game of blindfold chess. This unique challenge invites you to compete against the machine and perfect your tactics without the visual aid of the board.

Using the Stockfish engine, one of the most powerful engine in the world of chess, you will face a virtual opponent that does not underestimate the human ability to play without sight. As you progress in the game, you will receive notifications of the moves in algebraic notation, both yours and the computer’s. The option to see the board is just a click away with the ‘Board’ button, allowing you to check the current situation when needed. Each move is a step toward improving your working memory and chess skills. The game of blindfold chess is not only a test of your ability to remember and visualize but also a powerful tool for developing a deeper understanding of chess strategy. Prepare to exercise your brain, improve your game, and discover if you can keep pace with Stockfish on the dark chessboard of the mind. Play now and become a master of blindfold chess!

Credits and License: Copyright (c) 2018 Chris Goldammer • Work Title: Blindfold chess • Distributed under the License MITSource Code Link

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