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Discover an unparalleled chess experience with interchangeable 3D and 2D interfaces, complemented by three world-renowned chess engines: Stockfish, Lozza, and p4wn.

Dive into an exceptional chess universe with outstanding options. Explore the game on a 3D board for total immersion, or switch to the classic 2D view for a traditional experience. The CENTIPAWN advantage meter will guide your strategy in both interfaces. Record your games in PGN format, customize positions with FEN notation, and receive system suggestions to improve your moves. Personalize your gameplay by choosing from four distinct piece designs in the 3D version and easily adjust the engines’ difficulty levels through our particularly user-friendly interface. For the full experience, we recommend playing in fullscreen mode.

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Copyright 2016 Jason Tiscione • Work Title: chessboard3.js • Distributed under the License MITSource Code Link

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