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Experience the thrill of online chess on Russia’s Chess-samara.ru platform. Here, you can play without registration, challenging Russian opponents in fast-paced games. To start, simply click the ‘Начать игру!‘ button and the system will quickly find an available opponent for you.

• All games are timed, varying from 2 to 15 minutes.

• Piece color and first move are randomly assigned, adding surprise to each game.

• Download your games in PGN format for analysis.

• Use the chat during gameplay to communicate with your opponent (time to learn some Russian 🙂 ).

• If you accidentally leave a game, you can return by clicking ‘Начать игру!’ and continue if time remains.

• Configure your game options, like duration and initial piece color (white, black, or random), in the bottom left. On the bottom right, you’ll find different game setups by other users – click to accept their challenge.

Enjoy your time on this Russian chess platform and triumph in your challenges!

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